Taverno for WMF now in stores!

Taverno is a range of glasses and carafes ordinary enough to be used every day, with a friendly elegance that makes them extra-ordinarily suitable for both water and wine. For me, everyday objects have always been close at heart, says Jonas Wagell. I refuse to keep ‘fancy’ tableware stored away on top of a shelf or hidden in a cabinet. I believe nice objects should be used, as often as possible.
The first products to be released in the Taverno range are a multipurpose 30 cl glass and a slender carafe which contain 100 cl. The line is designed to be suitable for both red and white wine, but also other beverages such as water, juice or even beer. The glass has a characteristic elevated base which gives it an elegant look and makes it suitable for wine. Furthermore, the solid glass base creates a balanced weight which gives a sensation of quality. The form of the carafe follows the distinct shape of the glass, with straight lines and rounded corners, and has an articulated neck to allow for easy handling. Both form and function draw inspiration from the simplicity of the Southern European kitchen where ordinary, local ingredients of high quality create sensational food. The name "Taverno" pays homage to this amiable lifestyle.
The WMF brand stands for traditional and classic elegance, whereas my design language often references a playful and contemporary style. The aim with the collaboration is to explore a middle ground – objects with friendly gracefulness, Wagell explains. From a marketing and sales perspective, this is partly to reach a new target group.

The Taverno range is the first products to be released after a three year on-going collaboration between Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagell and distinguished Germany tableware manufacturer WMF. WMF AG (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik) was founded in 1853 and in 2013 the company had an annual turnover of 1,000 million Euros. Wagell is the first Scandinavian designer to be invited to collaboration.

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